Need advice on ovarian cysts

August 10, 2008 10:17pm CST
About a year and a half ago after I had my daughter I started to get real bad pelvic pain. It would just come and go.I had got the pelvic pain check out year and a half ago and they told me I had ovarian cysts and it would just go away on its own. About two months ago the pelvic pain had gotten really bad where I was in pain all day. I went to the doctors and got a sonogram. I have a bunch of small ovarian cysts on my left ovary. I have one hugh ovarian cyst almost covering my right ovary. My doctor put me on birth control for 2 months to see if the cysts will strink. If the cysts do not strink she said that I will have to get surgery. I been taking the birth control for two weeks now and I am still having pain everyday. The pain can not be that bad where I can get done what I need to get done or the pain can be so bad to where i can not even get out of bed. I am 25 years old I have three childern and I have had my tubes tied. I just need to talk to some women who have been through this and what they have had done.
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@nanciem (1106)
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11 Aug 08
Hi dragonfairy, I can totally relate to your issue, I myself have 2 sons, and a cyst the size of a small walnut, and also had my tube tied. Some days the pain is so incredible, that I can hardly walk.. but I have a 2 year old so I have no choice. My Dr. also told me that it should just take care of itself, it could take a few months. I am over 35 so I was advised not to take birth control. The only thing that helps me is Midol, and exercise (mild), sometimes heat,so far it has not shrunk, but I know what you are going through. Be very careful, monitor your pain daily on index like 1-10, mark it down. If the pain get too unbareable, see your OBGYN, sometimes these cysts can rupture and bleed, I am not trying to scare you just give you knowledge if you didn't know. Cysts are more common after tubal ligation, did they develop after the tube tie?