Do you have you hair cut short in summer?

@lixiaos77 (1030)
Shijiazhuang, China
August 11, 2008 1:47am CST
I have just cut my hair because it is too hot and the the weather make me irritate. My wife's hair is so long that it can reach her waist, I told her is still beautiful and I still love her if she wear short. She insists that long hair is more beautiful. Will you have you hair cut short in summer?
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@IInsanity (290)
• Malaysia
11 Aug 08
it depends. in my country malaysia, the whether is the same all year round. it can get really hot sometimes and makes me wanna chop all of my hair off. but to some girls having long hair is beautiful. like me, i like having long hair and i'm trying to grow my hair long before my boyfriend comes back. =) if it gets too hot.. i can always tie it up!
@SHAMRACK (8587)
• India
11 Aug 08
Dear friend, I usually cut my hair short especially during summer as sometimes it gets irritating when the sweat comes from head if I walk or go under hot sun during summers mostly. Hence I feel much of coolness and better comfort when I cut my hair short on summer and also sometimes I shave my head too.
@mscott (1924)
• United States
11 Aug 08
I actually let my hair grow in the summer. I have many less responsibilities and commitments in the summer so I let it go. It always reaches that point though where it doesn't look good because it is too long but not long enough. That is when I end up cutting it short again. That or I wear a hat.