Playdates 101

Cute Lil Yana - the niece that I love so much
August 11, 2008 4:09pm CST
I made a suggestion to my mom. I told her she can host a playdate for our 3 yr old niece. (My niece's mom left my brother & the kids so its the grandma who's taking care of them). I believe this will be fun and not to mention will improve the socials skills of my niece. She said yes but is a bit worried with so many things. What food should she prepare for the kids and their moms? Should she prepare a structured activity for the little ones or just let them play on their own? How often should she do this? Etc! Etc! i cant really answer her since i dont have a kid yet and haven't been to playdates. playdates 101, anyone?
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