alcoholism and the effects

United States
August 11, 2008 5:16pm CST
I was just looking over a few essays my fiance and I wrote,and I got to thinking about alcoholism and the effects it has on underage drinking, my fiance thought of her old friend,one that is underage and drinks all the time,in my article I touch on not only alcoholism but also how it effects people who drive drunk,I want to ask all you mylotters out there in mylotland if you have drove drunk and if so how far did you drive?Did you get caught by an authority of the law?Did you get caught by your parent? Did you have any friends in the car with you?Did you think you drove appropriately? Did you friends tell you later that you drove un appropriately?Have you ever had to drive someone home who was drunk?Was their car different from your own thus made it a bit difficult to drive?Have you ever had to hide a friend's drunkenness from your parent or your friend's parent?If so,did that go as planned?If not,why not?Did you get in trouble if you hid it from your own parent?What about hiding it from your friend's parent?Would you do that for a friend?I have never drove drunk even though one time I was leaving a party at a friends girlfriends house,and my friend put some smirnoff in my sprite,and did not tell me about it later,which pissed me off quite a bit,and there has been several occasions where I had to drive one of my friends back to my parents house because he was drunk off his behind and could not drive,one of which was my twenty first birthday,and I was the designated driver which was fine by me because I do not drink,and I refuse to drink,my friends truck was not that difficult to drive and it did not take me long to get used to it,since at least it was an automatic,because if it had been a stick shift I would have had a lot of trouble getting home since at the time I had not had any lessons on driving a stick shift,my friends parents did not care what he did and if he was not home before ten pm,he was locked out until the next day,and since my parents were always asleep when we got home I did not have to hide his drunkenness from them and by the next morning he was sober,and there was one time two of my friends were here and one fell off the couch,so I had to guard the doorway while another friend put him back on the couch so my mom would not see he was drunk and on the floor,I would definitely do it for my friends especially my best friend,even though my best friend feels the same way about drinking as I do and he does not ever drink,I will appreciate all responses I get on this discussion,and as always I ask that you take this discussion seriously,as well as all the other discussions I do and I promise that I will comment on all responses I get,but the quality of my comments will depend on the quality of the responses,have a great day.
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