Reaction : Accept her sorry or do the same to her?

@cecelgay (563)
August 11, 2008 9:00pm CST
What would be your reaction if somebody suddenly slap you in public place, then after that she'll say sorry explaining that it was a mistaken identity. Will you accept her sorry or will you the same to her what she did to you?
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• India
12 Aug 08
Will depend on how she looks, lol! Do same to her? Are you going mad? People on the streets take them much much more seriously, you know! You have to accept her sorry or at most can make a good scene, while everybody can take a good laugh at you. But, oh my my, if you slap her around, in the same public place, well, I'm not telling anything. You try and get the hint.
@guybrush (4660)
• Australia
12 Aug 08
At first I would be extremely shocked - but I would listen to what the woman had to say, and would probably accept her apology. It sounds as if she'd had a really bad time and someone had done something terrible to her - so I'd try my best to be understanding. If I'd been injured though, I'd take it a bit more seriously - people can't just go around whumping people!