The Batman Movie

@zebra2222 (5241)
United States
August 11, 2008 10:58pm CST
I thought the last Batman movie was great. Some people may have been put off by the violence. However, the action was top notch. I particularly liked the Joker. He proved to be a worthy adversary to Batman as usual. I hope they make another Batman movie. I would like to see them feature the villain Clayface.
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@neothegod (208)
• India
12 Aug 08
i will love to c this movie on big screen becoz it looks great in promos....
@rosedust82 (2070)
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
I absolutely loved the movie... I actually watched it with three different groups of friends... thrice. Lol. And I enjoyed each single time I watched it. (weird huh.) What I love most about the movie is the way Batman was portrayed. Very human... Unlike with other superhero movies where they all had special powers, this, on the other hand, did not. The only thing "special" would be the suit and the kick-@ss Batmobile. Haha. Really cool. Plus I love love love how Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker... He made the character look so real.... He made the character look absolutely, menacingly and beautifully evil...
@jaded22 (828)
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
I still haven't seen the movie up to now. Damn! Lol. But I would definitely see it. Perhaps just an online viewing because right now its not showing in the cinemas anymore. xD
@dani27 (545)
• United States
12 Aug 08
I haven't seen it but it really looks great. I will wait until it comes on video to see it.