please respond to me.

United Arab Emirates
August 12, 2008 1:37am CST
i write many things and nobody responds to me .i am now feeling bad.i want advice on taking which degree after 12th.i am a commerce student
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@koolkate (242)
• Bahrain
12 Aug 08
Hi, I don't know about commerce much, because I am a science student.I just want to you to feel better.Have a great day!And best of luck for your future!
12 Aug 08
from the comment , i know that you are a kind man ,you said you are a science student ,i am too ,what major do you learn
@shana123 (2096)
• India
12 Aug 08
Hi Salahu, i have got nearly 900+ postings but still i have many discussions with zero responses.. so be of good cheer dont get discouraged.. and see your a commerce student then you must enter into some business school so you can opt for BBA which is expanded as Batchelor of Business Application you can do your MBA or B.Com Batchelor of Commerce , after finishing your you can do your ; BCA - Batchelor of Computer Applications you can do your MCAIf you have got a wide choice even if your a computer science student you can do B.Sc Computer science.. everything is fine.. see first goto colleges and ask whether they have got campus interviews if they say yes tell them that you need to visit the campus of the college and go inside the college meet the students in the college and ask if that college is really good in teaching or providing Campus interviews ( placements /job) and about the labs and teachings everything... Some colleges asks for donation you have to pick the best... hope this information wil help you out..
@mikeang (73)
• Singapore
12 Aug 08
salahu74 12th means 12 grade I suppose. It is like our pre-university level I think. What course to take. You have 2 main concern when choosing a course of study. If you want to make a living (means earn a lot) then you could chosse your courses based primarily on that and select the high earning professions in your country and add to that your preference. What are you passionate about in those professions. Can you imagine doing such work for the next 30 to 40 years? If ok then it is probably safe to go into that course - you probably can switch profession (in a limited manner after you've worked in your first few jobs.(if the job didn't turn out to be what you expected). So the above are professions where one works normally for a living. But if you are gifted in any fields or subjects then your choice would be easier. Some are good at music or the arts or certain sports. In such a case a career councellor or your teacher can advice further whether your choice could make sence in your case. My comments are rather general - but hope that is of some help for a start. See your post has reply! Cheerup.
@neothegod (208)
• India
12 Aug 08
doing B.Com or a BBA course will be ideal ground for doing MBA later on and entering the corporate world. i am very sorry on behalf of others for not responding, this is mainly people view at recent discussion not at individual topics..dont get disappointed u r a part of mylot take care