The internet: The world's largest social experiment to date

United States
August 12, 2008 2:40am CST
OK, OK, yes it sounds funny but think about it. Besides being used for shopping, gaming and communication, many people like myself use it to learn about others since people are a lot more outspoken online than in person. Think about it, no one can see them, what they say isn't going to haunt them at work or in future careers, they are much less restricted on the net and that is the perfect conditions under which to study social behavior, you can hear what they really have to say about their friends, their boss, their family, the world in general because it's a lot less likely to bite them on the rear later in life. Yes, I use the net for meeting people, business and just goofing off, but the whole time I do these things I'm also testing reactions online verses reactions in the real world and I'll tell you, even with people I know in real life, I've notced they are very different online becuse there's no fear of someone overhearing them. So, in the long run, the net isn't just a great resource for games, shopping and chatting, it is also a great place to study human nature itself!
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@mensab (4204)
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
i agree with you. internet is like a social laboratory where one can study behaviors of people online. the inhibitions and reservations that impede people to act naturally are non-existent in the internet because anyone can be anyone they like to be. however, there is no certainty as to verify the results. the reliability of any results or findings will not stand to scrutiny because everything is superficial online.
• United States
12 Aug 08
True, but it does give you a glimps of the side people never show.
12 Aug 08
victoria, Yes I agree with you, what they type on the compute is what they feel and so doing you can almost know what they are really like and listen to their problems and can help them. I think the net is great for that pirpose. Bright Blessings Tamara