OMG a politician had an affair!

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August 12, 2008 3:24am CST
Why is it breaking news that John Edwards had an affair? Politician or not, he is still a man, and it's not exactly shocking to hear that a man cheated on his wife/girlfriend etc. If anything, it's pretty common and sorry to say that it won't be long before cheating is considered the norm. I am not man-hating in any way, because if it were a woman, I would have the same feeling. They also keep talking about how his career is over...why? I think it's fair to say that a large portion of the population has had affairs of their own so why should they vote against him for doing what they have done? You can spin it however you want (he lied..yeah yeah, show me a politician that doesn't), but the bottom line is that he isn't any different than anyone else. These news people crack me up, spouting off their holier than though judgments against this guy and I am sure later they will be banging their secretaries in a back room somewhere. For the record...I am not a John Edwards supporter, or even a fan of politics. I am just a girl who has watched so many people cheat and be cheated on that I may be jaded about the whole thing. At this point, even I, a hardcore anti-cheating crusader has lost most hope of anyone not cheating.
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13 Aug 08
If it were Joe Smith who had an affair no one would care. Affairs happen all the time but "we" are supposed to care when it is a politician. I don't. And as far as what his wife might have been going through. Maybe he needed that other woman. I am so not a man but hear me out. How do we know that his wife didn't know about the affair? Maybe she welcomed it because she was ill and couldn't do the things for her husband that someone else could. I have seen it before. So don't judge the man or the marraige.Until the world decides not to care about affairs they will be all over the news as long as that person is famous for one thing or another.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
12 Aug 08
Maybe it is not so much the fact that he had an affair; the breaking news is more in relation to the timing of the affair he chose to have. His wife was under treatment for cancer and it is argued that he may have been having this affair during her treatement. He has stated that no, she was in remission at the time; but still! An affair on its own is bad enough. But to have one while your wife is struggling with a potentially terminal disease is a pretty strong indication of the weakness of his character. Even if she WAS in remission at the time; it is still a pathetic act on his part.