How can i die easily?

August 12, 2008 4:59am CST
Nah its just that theres no such thing as dying easily.... but is there any way?
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• Pakistan
29 Apr 09
Hi.........if u wana die by an easy way just FALL IN LOVE and c how easily u die
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• Australia
5 Mar 11
haha best comment!
• Malaysia
20 May 09
you know how to die easily?
• India
7 Aug 09
the.....easies,,, die is by living this fuking life........ i tried many ways but.....unluckily...i m still....ddwelling on this planet.......u cant die unless u r not wanted.....beleiv it or not......v all r another million unluky soulssssssss
• India
20 Nov 10
me too really want to die... be
@Bebs08 (10685)
• United States
20 Aug 08
I'm just curious!! why you want to die easily? I think, when a person will be shot right on the heart, they will die on the spot? You know what? of all the subject I don't want to hear is that about dying.. Why not talking about life?...though life is hard, we should be thankful that we are alive. Happy posting!!!
• United States
11 Sep 11
wtf who the hell actually cares those who want to die usually dont want to hear that bullshit why would those who want to die talk about life and they are not thankful to be alive
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
Apparently from most of my browsings, the easiest way of dying or should i say killing is to drop a razor sharp guilotine on one's neck or maybe a very sharp blade chopping off your heck to disconnect one's head from the body . It will only take a microsecond for it to happen. But since I haven't experience it, maybe somebody would like to share how was the experience...hahaha... just jokin' people! Don't try it okay?
• India
12 Jul 11
today i try this my friend ............. thanks 4 ur advice byeeeeeeeeee
• India
31 Jan 09
i wouldlike to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. is there a better way? can i take mercury? Poison ? Phenol or COCKTAIL of all? should not wake up.
• India
12 Aug 08
I think there is but only for the lucky few…the easiest way to die is to die in your sleep. A few have heart attacks while sleeping and never get up. I think they are the luckiest.