Olympic - A sporting event or just another commerical

August 12, 2008 8:36am CST
Olympic used to be a holy sporting event, originated from Greece, where every country in this world will send their best athletics to compete in the name of their country. Having the honor to host the event used to be the most glorious moment of the nation. However, in my point of view, nowadays Olympics is not about the athletics but about the dollars the event bring in. From the high ticket price to the 'rip-off' by the nearby hotels and tourism-related industry so the Government's coffer will get bigger. How about you, readers? How do you feel about the current Olympic?
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@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
12 Aug 08
I think it is a great get together of nations, the greeks have left a legacy that will live with the world for ever-Olympics enhances national pride, bringing home a gold medal for your country makes olympics a very honoured enggagement.
• Singapore
16 Aug 08
Hello Academic2, Yes, I agree that is a very honorable thing as well. But I feel that too much emphasis is given on the value of the medal, and too little given on the feelings and development of the athletics. For example, if the athletics lose a very important match but he or she is expected to win in the first place, then a lot of critics will be goring around.
• Philippines
12 Aug 08
olympics is for each countries representatives,,,that represent their country,,which means that their country is not a weak,,,that they can show they best....