Funnniest thing ever..

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
August 12, 2008 11:20am CST
Hi all I was wondering what the funniest thing is you ever heard or experienced.. The funniest thing I ever experienced, was that a friend called me and asked for the "any key" on a computer :D Even now we still call him the "any key"-guy xD Thx
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@ruby222 (4848)
12 Aug 08
Now this will show you how much i know about computers and the internet,The keys that run along thetop of the keyboard all have a meaning,the function keys,but lol I dont know any of those meanings!now that is quite sad isnt it?I think that I could benefit from a few lessons in IT but I have often though about going back to an evening class or something to learn a little more,but that is all that I have done..think about it!I am sure the lcal college would have an appropriare cless for me!or I could even refer to the computer manual to find out the meanings of these keys.
• United States
12 Aug 08
That is pretty humorous. The funniest conversation that occurred to me happened yesterday in the car whilst talking to my aunt. I was asking my aunt where her friend lives and she replied "in her" and she meant in the state but since we where in the car, it was funny. My cousin who was also in the car made it even humorous by saying "open the trunk". That was very funny and never gets old.