smile is a big tool for happy life ?

August 12, 2008 11:44am CST
wt do u think smile is a tool for happy life and if we smile all the time then we can forgot our sad moments that hearts us a lot . and i think that smile is also better for our health for deprasion and also for our nerves. if we smile all the time we can make a lot of friends
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@SHAMRACK (8584)
• India
12 Aug 08
Dear friend, I hope a smile may not cost anything at the time it is needed. But there are people who smile just for a smile and this impact would give much others may be big relief if a Boss smiles at his staff in certain cases. Hence I feel that those who smile may smile from their heart with out any negative intentions and this smile is really a valuable worthy smile. A smile face is always attains charm from others as they like to see smile and those who do like one see smiling hope his is not a good one for you. Hence keep smiling and smiling whenever one gets chances and use the smile at the proper place where needed.
@insulin (2480)
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
Well I can definetly say that smile is a big tool for a happy life,,.;-0 Well being sad is really making your life awful and really not colorful..:-0 It is said that when you smile always and it will keep you young so keep smilin..:-0 God bless and have a nice day..:-0
@rbailey83 (1432)
• Canada
13 Aug 08
smiling and laughter are one of the best medicines. i like to put a smile on people's face because of how it makes me feel. I have seen someone having a really bad day, and i will act like a dork, a goof, a nerd, whatever you want to call it and get them to smile and laugh a few times, i have never seen it not make a difference in their day, it may not make them feel completely better, but it makes a difference and that's what i do
@bamakelly (5193)
• United States
12 Aug 08
I usually feel better with a smile on my face. Of course it does depend on my mood. When I see other people smile I can see that they are happy and might have a good attitude that particular day. I think smiling is contagious. It just makes for a better atmosphere all the way around. It is better than looking grumpy all of the time. It is all about your attitude I think.