United States
August 12, 2008 5:16pm CST
Has anyone here published anything on I just read a discussion about it and am very interested in what it is. I looked on the website and it almost looks as if you don't have to pay anything to publish your book, but that doesn't seem right. Can someone give me more information please? Thanks!
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@anne_143god (5390)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
Honestly, I dont know about the site and I just came here to know the response of those who know the site, thanks that you ask this question and by this I can have idea.
@dagda24 (367)
13 Aug 08
Basically you upload your book. Add a cover (your own or theirs). Deside on binding options and pricing options. You can then wait to sell a copy in their shop (they deduct costs and pass profit to you), or you can opt to have the book sold through Amazon or other online retailers (but I think there's a fee for this). I use it to bind chapters I've written. I find this a really useful way to refer back to them without having lots of screens on my computer. I've not actually used it to sell anything to others yet though. There are lots of FAQS on LULU which you can learn a lot from so it's worth trawling through them.
@dani27 (545)
• United States
12 Aug 08
I have heard about it but don't know much about it. sorry. But I will be interested to hear the responses you get.