Has anyone watch 3-D Journey to the Center Earth?

August 12, 2008 9:06pm CST
First i watch the no 3-D version which is not bad Then yesterday i watch the 3-D version! It was the first time i watch a 3-D movie though.. Sigh.. it's really not exciting.. My first experience or maybe the last @.@ It looks kinda dark when wearing the 3-D spec Makes me kinda falling asleep (which i really did!!) Haha is it really exciting watching 3-D movies? Or is this movie don't have 3-D excitement in it? I just don't feel comfortable though hahaz.. =3
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• Philippines
13 Aug 08
I did watch movies in 3D, although not "Journey to the Center of the Earth". All I can say is, there are times that my eyes would cross and some scenes are not really done well that they are rather blurred than having the "in you face" experience. I think I am better of watching movies non-3D. Those 3D attractions in amusement parks are great though.