He Defeated Many Failures!

Edison's First Working Electric Bulb. - The first working electric bulb of Thomas Alva Edison (Ref.wikipedia).
@Mitraa (3187)
August 13, 2008 12:24am CST
I'm speaking of Thomas Alva Edison, the wizard scientist of this age! His failures were many during his experimentations with the landmark inventions. But he was determined to make success! After thousand times of failure and poor resuts while developing the electric bulb, he finally made it a great success to give electric light to the whole world! Failures got defeated by him in his missions and projects by his very strong determination! In this context I may say that all of us desire success in our lives. But we must take care to defeat the failure supporting factors at the same time! This will welcome real success in any field. Please share your views!
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26 Jul 09
Hi Mitraa, yes.. Thomas Alva Edison, a great scientist, made many mistakes while experimenting. Still he kept on trying and trying and trying till he achieved mastery in it. Once a question was asked on his experiments that,"Didn't you feel BAD when your experiments didn't go the desired way?". He had a POSITIVE reply,"Though I have made ample mistakes, but I now know 1000 ways in which this experiment doesn't work". This was the MINDSET of this great scientist. Have a nice time!