Thoughts on applying for a job and getting hired...

@iskayz (5422)
August 13, 2008 7:27am CST
Hi everyone! In my observation and from what people tell me based on their experiences, applicants who came from reputable universities, schools for the rich and sometimes from known families has the advantage of being hired than those who are more qualified and intelligent but not from famous schools. I don't know why this happens but yes it does especially in government offices and sadly it is unfair for those who are more qualified. What do you think is the reason for this? Should the name of schools be stressed out more and be given more importance than intelligence in applying for a job? Please do share your views.
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@thedaddym (1736)
• United States
13 Aug 08
I agree that it happens. I do not think that is the way it should be. Just because someone went to a good school does not mean that they are the best candidate, it could just mean that they come from a family that could afford a good school. It does not mean that they worked hard to get there. Nor does it mean they worked hard while they were there. Hiring someone simply based on what school they attended would be very stupid.
@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
13 Aug 08
Hi, Been asking myself the same question. Every person has a certain talent. Something they are good at. But, because of all the paper works and schooling, people with the real talent, get passed by. I am one of these people. I am good in practical situations. But, I don't agree with everything they tell me at school. They can damage you, while trying to change your opinion. What ever happened to respect??? No one is the same, no one is a robot. Why can't we just live our lives? Take care, Margajoe
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