How to save money while driving your car and live a much anxiety-free life?

@medicguy (307)
August 13, 2008 8:44am CST
Oil prices are sky high and now we are definitely sure that they will remain there for a very long time. The only time they would change would be towards a higher position and therefore, the only best alternative left for us is to drive efficiently. Here are a few pointers that I would like to share with my fellow myLotters to increase the efficiency of driving and thereby decreasing the gas consumption. 1. First of all, if you haven't made up your mind, do it now. Buy a small, energy efficient car, maybe a hybrid. Those days of SUVs are long gone. 2. Okay, if option one is not feasible, try driving slowly and smartly. Anticipate every stop before hand and do not accelerate that quickly. Someone told me that by practicing careful and slow driving within city limits, one can easily save on fuel consumption by more than 25 percent and believe me that is very a great outcome. In addition to this, driving safer is not a bad deal. 3. I don't have to say this but it must be stressed and reiterated, shut down your car when you are not moving. Avoid drive-thrus windows and takeaways. Even if you have to stop for a minute, shut down your car. It is also environmental friendly :D 4. Yes, your tires are the most overlooked objects. All four of your tires must be adequately inflated. This reduces the friction with the ground and hence, enhances fuel efficiency. 5. Decrease the load in your car. Get rid of the extra junk in your trunk :P . Extra weight in your car increases the fuel consumption. 6. Go for regular services of your car. A bad engine means bad fuel consumption 7. Avoid rush hours, if you are not working that day of course. 8. Carpool if you could and share the price of gas with one another. 9. And always find an excuse not to drive, use public transports whenever it is convenient. Would you like to share some ways to decrease your payment on gas and increase your fuel efficiency in general, please do so. We could all use some helpful tips and strategies in these days of high prices. Thank you for reading this. Hope you find this useful.
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