If there were no internet, no MYLOT, or in short computer, how

@sharie16 (2213)
August 13, 2008 10:39am CST
would you waste your time or spend your time? For me, since i do have current work right now aside from spending a lil' time in the internet and in MYLOT, i would devote more of time to my work, family and my son... How bout you guys? assuming computer never exist?
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@thinkbest (209)
• Indonesia
13 Aug 08
I will feel confused how to access internet and comment on your posting, Sharie.
@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
haha...to good to be true...lol Happy posting! Have a nice day! God bless!
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
13 Aug 08
i think i will become a wise guy and then invent a computer and also a mylot :P
@Fryediddy (127)
• United States
13 Aug 08
Being in my current unemployed state I know I spend quite a bit more time on the computer browsing the internet for purposes other than job searching and other more productive things than I did when I was employed. If I were to have the internet taken away from me right now I'm not sure that I would react well. As much as I want to say that I'm not "addicted" to all the networking sites, sports forums or music and movie news sites, I know I would start to get the itch after a couple of days and probably go into a extreme case of withdrawal after a week. But who knows where I'd be without my computer and the internet. I wouldn't be able to record or share my music as efficiently. I wouldn't be able to check the Red Sox score without waiting for the highlights or the ticker. I wouldn't be able to keep in contact with my family members who are 1,500 miles away as easily. Without a computer I would probably spend more time reading, doing little chores around the house and writing my music. There is no doubt that I would be quite a bit more productive with some of these things if there was no computer to occupy my time but other aspects of my life would struggle. The big thing about the internet and computers is to use them to help you in life and not let them be your life.
@velah1 (102)
• India
13 Aug 08
then we wudnt be having this discussion. i wudnt know there existed a user sharie16 :P :P anywez, it would sure give more time for other activities, but life wud b a bore. there wudnt be many horizons to explore. we wudnt be making friends, instantly chattin with them. But mayb we wud hv found out other ways to communicate, to meet ppl. it wud hv all depended on the circumstances :D