August 13, 2008 4:36pm CST
here is a joke that i heard and i think its funny I went into the video store and said "can i have Batman forever?" the man behind the counter said "no you've got to bring it back tomorrow"
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@dagda24 (367)
13 Aug 08
Lol. The simple ones are the best, I'm trying to think of one to tell you but my mind's gone blank. All of my jokes tend to be a little off the wall and liable to offend. Was the video store guy pleased with himself? If I made a joke like that I'd probably end up laughing!
13 Aug 08
ive got another three for you,i took my edible chess set back to the shop and said "thats stale mate" he said "are you sure?" i said "check mate" I went to the bed shop and said i cant decide whether i want to but this bunkbed or not the salesman said "do you want to sleep on it?" i said "of course i do" I went into the bakery and said "can i have an iced bun please?" the lady said "would you like hundreds and thousands?" i said "no,just the one thanks"
20 Aug 08
nice one...keep it coming