Who wants to see the movie Twilight??

United States
August 13, 2008 10:01pm CST
Personally i dont think im going to see it. I love how the characters look in my head. If i see the movie it will mess everything up. Do you agree or disagree on this? Will you see it or not
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@uu4h708 (638)
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
i read the book before watching the movie.. its more convenient to have all the facts in your head and missing them in the movie... its like finding and waiting for that movie that will do justice for the book... thats what i do for most books like harry potter, the nanny diaries (a like the movie ending better), tuesdays with morrie etc.. but with The lOrd of the rings, unfortunately, i watched the movie first, and i dreaded to read the book afterwards, coz i already have the pictures in my head, and it'll somehow confuse me that after ive seen that ghostwiping scene in LOTR: the return of the king, and just read the adjectives in the book, i might be disappointed with the book. bottom point, i prefer to be disappointed with the movie coz of all the facts they twist, rather than being disappointed with the book and not having respect for the mind who wrote it... but not all minds work the way as mine does.. so.. i agree with your opinion.. but since ive read the book already... ill definitely watch it.. n_n
@rickiely (257)
• Australia
3 Oct 08
Oh i have seen the trailers and it looks awesome! Cannot wait to watch it with my friends in the cinemas! Twilight
• United States
11 Sep 08
At first I wasn't going to go and see Twilight as I wasn't impressed with the cast at all and I've seen so many movies made from books that just were an embrassment to the book. However after seeing the trailers and watching Stephine's interviews I'm definately going to go see it. Stephine has actually been on set and seen the rough production or something like that and is impressed, so if the author likes it usually that is a good sign. I know it probably won't be as good as the book but as long as they don't mess it up too badly it will be worth it. I really do with they had picked someone else to play Edward though .
@dani27 (545)
• United States
14 Aug 08
At first I thought the same thing but think about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or any book made into a movie. I heard they did a great job acting and if the author approves I do. I think once I see it it will be okay. I acctually thought the actress playing Bella fit my own image it was hard to imagine Edward but the more I watch the trailer the more I get excited.
@YoungInLove (1254)
• Canada
14 Aug 08
i cant WAIT to see it im siii excited!!
@jaded22 (828)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
I've heard and read so much about Twilight but I'm really not familiar with it so in the event that it would be shown here in our place, I would love to see it. ;)