I'm Back and What took so long?

United States
August 13, 2008 10:13pm CST
Hey Everyone! Well if you aren't aware I have been offline for a few weeks. Hurricane Dolly hit on July 23rd and there were some complications. Let me start with day one which would have been on Tuesday the 22nd. I had to go work outside from 8-3 helping with sand bags, helping the city get ready for the hurricane. Once I got home my partner and I packed up some clothes and our 2 dogs, put lots of food and water for our cat and headed over to her parents house. Sometime after midnight the winds picked up and the rain set in. By Wednesday it was a full blown storm and the electricity had already went out. We didn't have a generator but we did have some flashlights. The storm continued all day and all night until Thursday Morning. Sometime around 12 I decided to try to drive to my house, but I couldn't get to it. One road was blocked by a tree and the other road was flooded. My partner's brother and dad went out later in a truck and went by my house. They came back and told me that my electric pole was laying across my front porch. I was like OH BOY! LOL Of course by this time no one's cell phones worked and there were 7 adults in the house. Beginning on Thursday afternoon I started calling the electric company about the lights at my house and the house where we were staying. They told me maybe Sunday night. Well of course all of the food in the fridge had spoiled and we didn't have ice. Then they tell us we can't drink the water. LOL OK, so they finally set up this place where you can get water, food and ice. I went and got what they gave us. (THANK GOD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR ALL OF THE AGENCIES WHO TOOK THE TIME TO HELP OUT ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE WITHOUT FOR SO MANY DAYS). We did without electricity until Tuesday night around 10 p.m. It was horrible. The weather in the Valley if you don't know is always 98 or above and the humidity is so bad that as soon as you step outside you are in a dead sweat. So here is where we stand almost a month later. We are still living with my partner's family because the landlord didn't fix the electric pole. All he did was put the old one back up which did allow us to get in and get all of our stuff out. We didn't lose alot, thank goodness, just some clothes and shoes. As of Friday the 1st I am no longer working. Let me explain why... A person that I knew because of my job gave me some money to buy food when he heard that all of our food was gone. Someone at my job found out, I made them mad, they went to our Director and she called me into her office. I was advised that this was not a good thing and that my problems at home had nothing to do with my job and other people were suffering. (Not once did anyone at my job offer to help me in any way when they found out that we were still without electric, lost clothing, and had no food) Oh wait I take that back, a few girls from another department did get together and get me a gift card to buy a few outfits so that I would have some clothes. I decided that I would put in my 2 weeks notice. This was on Thursday the 31st for the 15th of August. On Friday morning I asked my supervisor (the person who had caused all of the issues) if I was going to be allowed to work my full 2 weeks. She told me yes. I went to the HR Department and spoke with the director about a transfer. There were 3 different departments in need of someone like me. He told me he would look into it. So after lunch my supervisor didn't come back and I thought this was odd but didn't say anything. I went back to work. Around 3:45 HR calls me and tells me that the Director had decided that she wanted that to be my last day and that they were going to pay me until the 15th. I was very upset that I had worked almost 2 years for these people, and had worked the whole day and they did me the way that they did. Oh well! So now I am not working but am looking. School starts on the 25th and I am hoping to have a job by then. Other than that things are ok. We have a place to stay and no hurricanes lurking nearby.
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