Working in customer service and getting yelled at

@dani27 (544)
United States
August 13, 2008 11:19pm CST
Have any of you worked in customer service and got yelled at about something that is not your fault? Yesterday a co-worker was letting a customer know that we didn't have any new information from the day before and was very nice about it. The customer did not want to hear it and yelled at her and started getting personal and told her things like she was stupid we didn't know what we were doing etc. The worker just sat and listened and the customer continued to be nasty. Finally the co-worker took off the headset and started crying. (she didn't hang up on her but she ran out) the customer called back saying she was hung up on. Then she posted HER side of the story on a blog/forum that got back to our company. The customer said that the employee was rude and lied about a few things. Plus she didn't mention all the names she called her. It was so sad how people felt so bad for this customer. Then one of our other co-workers wrote on there stating remember there are two sides to each story and others acctually went and defended the co-worker as well. It makes me so mad. Has this happened to you?
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@izathewzia (5139)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
I used to work in a restaurant. And when I was addressing to one customer complaint, he splashed the juice to my face. It was humiliating but I stand still. I gave him what he wanted and left his table. Afterwards, i received a sorry note from him.