Good tips to lose weight!

United States
August 14, 2008 1:36am CST
I am never happy with my body. I have huge boobs. Small body. but i have a little pot belly not big but still i hate it. And thunder thighs.Anyway to help me out! i way 150 and i am 5'1
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• China
14 Aug 08
What can i advise u is eating little and exercises more. Its the most natural way..
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• Egypt
21 Sep 08
well,maybe u allready know this but just to make sure,when u exercise u don't lose weight in special parts but u lose weight from your body as a whole. the best ways to lose weight are: 1-Cardio: try sprinting for intense set for 15 minutes maximum,instead of the walking or running for an hour. other kinds of Cardio are(Swiming,Football,Basketball,Tenis,Rowing,and Boxing for the guys) 2-weight lifting:it's proved to be one of the best ways to lose weight but try to make ur workout intense and short for the best gains,and if u need me to make u a workout just tell me i'll be more than glad 2 help u out (BTW,don't let weight lifting scare u,the female body is different than the male body so u won't be bulked up,and some of the sexiest women r bodybuilders) 3-nutrition(i hope i spelled it right):i don't wanna tell u to have a diet or any of this bs,u should just eat healthy food and DRINK WATER till u explode. and stop eating fast food and sweets,but u can have a day every week that u can eat anything u want,this way u won't get bored and at the same time u'll boost ur metabolism which will make u even lose weight faster! thanks 4 reading;-)
• Egypt
21 Sep 08
i 4got 2 mention the body fat part: now if u have a high body fat i advise u to go with the three approches,but if it was low,then i advise u to go with number 2 and that will need a special workout,both ways u r free to contact me and i will provise u with the apropriate workout.
• India
19 Sep 08
Don't reduce your boobs babe because big are come only a the lucky girl like you so you don't try to reduce it ok. Your upcomming husband will feel happy to see your big boobs ok so you don't try to reduce your boobs size. The most of the girls try to improve there boobs to big but you are trying to reduce it so don't try to reduce your boobs size after that you will suffer lot if you try to reduce.
@darshan36 (497)
• India
5 Sep 08
Huge boobs are gr8. But u should have a perfect figure. Like good stats. But recently I came across a study which proved that men like girls with big boobs and good figure.However, you can join a gym and start doing weight as well as cardio which will really really help u a lot to gain a perfect figure!
@sharay (2776)
• India
15 Aug 08
if your boobs have normal growth, then let them be as they of course look pretty and sexy, try to reduce your thighs, do some exercises which help in reducing your thighs alone and that which does not reduce your overall weight
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
Hi! I also hate my big weight. I used to weigh 187 pounds which is really big for my 5'0" height. But now, I'm only 169.4 lbs. I ate less but didn't deprive myself of sweets and others. I just ate a lot less than before. For breakfast...erm...I wake up on lunch time so I just eat brunch. Then I eat some snacks in small amount during the afternoon. The for dinner, I don't eat a meal but eat some sandwiches (even a small burger) that can satisfy my hunger but not really make me feel very full. You can take in some sweets but if you love chips, try to avoid them. Once I open a bag of chips, I can't stop until I eat it all up. But with sweets, I can only eat pieces and control myself. And to distract me from hunger I keep myself busy with activities like watching TV, using the computer almost all day, and doing some crafts. Some good computer games can help too because if you really like the game, you'll just play and play and not even want to get up to grab a snack. Good luck with your weight loss! You can do it! :D
@mitchii (154)
• United States
14 Aug 08
hi i also have big boobs for my size iam on nutrisystem for the past month and i already lost 12 pounds!!!!!! the food is good and it works!!!!!!