did you watch hancock????

August 14, 2008 3:24am CST
i saw it yesturday.iam a big fan of willsmith.iam legend is one of his movies which i like the most.so my question is "did you watch hancock"??? is it nice???
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• United States
29 Dec 08
yes i watched it i thought it was really cool and i liked this movie the most
@owstalaga (4709)
• Philippines
30 Nov 08
well it's a great movie up to the middle, after that it's just an underdevelope plot for a science fiction movie... oh well... you can read the rest of my opinions in my movie review, link below... hope people can also comment there. http://www.cinemaroll.com/Action/Hancock-Not-Much-of-a-Superhero-Movie.336255
@santaram (1422)
• India
26 Nov 08
I did not watch the movie, but i heard the movie is good.
@vanities (11397)
• Davao, Philippines
14 Aug 08
yeah i did..weeks ago..it was downloaded by my son..and not so good ..i mean the reception since its new and expected to be that bad..but the story is good and i guess its his first time to be in this role..a superhero..am i correct?
@icegermany (2524)
• India
19 Aug 08
yes i had also seen hancockn i had just started a discussion on it n then saw urs yes its really good n i also like willsmith , i like him in men in black . he is a good actor n wish to see all his movies. i think i had also watched i m legend long back about 2 months or so , even i liked that particular movie also.
• New Zealand
26 Nov 08
Will Smith does cintinue to astound with his versitle acting. This movie was funny, exciting and emotional and all at the right time. The story took an interesting turn that is not reflected in any of the trailers that I have seen . The movie was thought provoking in a more humanistic bent as compared to X-Men, FF and others.