you have to make your partner confused and afraid of loosing you

August 14, 2008 3:49am CST
hi dear friends today while i was working my friend come to me and tell me that he wanna go he can' work today so if my manager asked about me tell him that i was so tired and i went to the home and if my wife called me tell her that i didn't come today at all i toled him but this will annoyed her he answered you must do somthing like that with your partner to make him uncomfortable and keep thinking of you i looked at him in astonishment . share me in this matter i'm not agree with him at all because when you love someone you keep trieng to make him happy not confused do ypu make this things with your partner and if you do this do you fell with more love as my friend told me or what
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@subha12 (18449)
• India
14 Aug 08
it is something some peopel think. but i am not very much sure. i am not into any relationship either.
• Egypt
14 Aug 08
hi thank you for your time i wish you gonna be on a relationship soon it's very good think to fell love
@IInsanity (290)
• Malaysia
15 Aug 08
wow. i never heard of this theory before. i think this is a very cruel way and i completely disagree with what your friend say. you should treat your other half with respect and love. that is what you wanted right?
• Malaysia
14 Aug 08
Hey there mally, really random thoughts you put there but I get what you mean. I think it's OK to do that but not too much and the intention is just to test your lover's love for you or to refresh your relationship. You shouldn't do it because you like to play games and make your partner uncomfortable because it is always possible that when you do these type of things, it may backfire.