Needed to trained your df character?

August 14, 2008 6:06am CST
do you need to trained your dragon fable character? I can always help you!!!! just send you account user and password to me. I'm not a scamer. if you still don't trust me then you can test me by give me a new account and I can train anything for you. No lv required. I'm not a scamer nor hacker, so don't asked me for free amulet or dragon coin. just give me user and pass and I can do all you wanted. I can also trained DA
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• New Zealand
9 May 10
Sorry Dude I don't trust you I can train myself Plus you might train the wrong stats My account is perfect I got 55str and I got Doom axe and Destiny axe Plus training normally is fun for me Plus You Might use a trainer which ruins the fun :P So dude I will never give my account password to you. /\ /--\Ccess Denied!
• Australia
21 Mar 09
I don't doubt your authenticity, but if somebody else trains my Dragonfable character for me, that sort of takes a bit of the accomplishment out of leveling up my own character. Thanks for the offer, but no thank you. I know it is not a MMORPG (like Wow or Runescape), and character trades are not allowed, but I still don't feel right.