what do you usually do after eating dinner?

@kayedanda (1850)
August 14, 2008 7:32am CST
i just had dinner with my family and this discussion came to mind. after i eat dinner, i play with my baby for a while (since she sleeps AFTER we have dinner. i don't know why she does that) then i get back on my computer to participate here in mylot. if there's something good on tv (during weekdays when the soap opera that i am following has an interesting episode) i watch it, and THEN i get back to my computer. since i am not the official dishwasher after dinner (i am tasked to wash after lunch), i pretty much get to do what i want to do (especially with svetlana (my baby) sleeping around this time. then when i get tired of typing, i switch to game mode. i play the sims complete collection right now and i'm getting addicted to it. i stay up until around 1 am, because that's the time svet wakes up and i have to feed her, and then we both sleep till the morning after :) what do YOU do after eating dinner? anything out of the ordinary? :D
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@gabbana (1815)
• China
14 Aug 08
hi, i guess most people at mylot will do the same thing-- rush to the front of computer and begin their posts. i have very bad habbit after dinner, sit there and eat snacks more. don't do any exercises though i know the benefits of it.
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