Have the writers gone past the point of no return?

August 14, 2008 10:46am CST
So we're at the end of the 4th season and there has been some pretty wierd goings on and some of the plot twists are starting to feel a little too far fetched. The production company have been given a deadline of 2 more seasons to wrap it all up and answer all of the questions that we the viewers have. But, will they be able to? Have they gone too far now and can't go back? Will they be able to answer all of the questions we have even from the first season? Or will they have to leave us guessing about some stuff? Did they write the 1st season not really expecting a second would be made? Or did they have all of this planned out from the start? My thoughts .... Its gone too far to get all of the answers now. I think that possibly they didn't expect the following that it gained and they weren't really sure how to take it from there. Then with the network demanding cut down seasons (only 16 eps instead of 24) they had to cram more in and have had to miss out certain answers. I still watch and enjoy the show though and can't wait to see how they wrap it all up.
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@mommyboo (13191)
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15 Aug 08
I have not watched the 4th season yet, just finished the 3rd. I have to wait till Dec for the 4th to be on dvd so I can begin watching it. I wish that the episodes were available to stream online lol. Fortunately I see no spoilers in this initial discussion post but I may not be able to read the responses lol. There have already been a rash of weird goings-on this whole series long, and you are right, rather than answer questions, there are just more and more piling up. I have the feeling that some things are never going to be answered, they have been left up to interpretation from the viewers, kind of like certain things in Titanic. People went round and round saying the writers or producers meant one thing and not another, and others were completely the opposite, so I do think some things are just whatever you think could be possible. I'm sure - no I KNOW they expected more than one season. This is a powerful show and has gotten such a following. I'm not happy that the network cut the episodes, there were only 3 episodes on the last disc of the third season, and the way it ended was sorta weird. I do know from accidentally reading info about the 5th season which hasn't aired yet that some people do get off that bloody island, but I am not sure that things are as they expect when they do get home. I think that I saw a flash forward in one of the episodes of Jack and Kate, and it appears that things are not so good, so I'm curious to see what plays out in the future.
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15 Aug 08
hi, you dont have to wait till season 4 gets to dvd you can also watch it online at abc.com ...
20 Aug 08
I was careful not to include spoilers so that anyone reading this that hasn't seen the most recent episodes aren't dissapointed.
@littleone3 (2065)
14 Aug 08
I am a big fan of lost. But every time one of the question gets answered they always leave you with another three or four that need answering. I think that the writers do know where they are going to and that we may never know some of the answers but that is what keeps us watching. That is just the part of the appeal of the show.
• Lubbock, Texas
14 Aug 08
I am an avid Lost fan. I too will watch and enjoy and be bewildered for as long as it lasts. If they leave us hanging in the final episode, it won't be the first TV series to do so, but I think they'll pull it off and answer all questions.