When the truth sounds so absurbed even you wouldn't believe it.

@MZKUMA (705)
United States
August 14, 2008 2:53pm CST
Several years ago a relative of mine came by and asked me to go somewhere with her. I told my ex that I'd soon be back and left with my cousin. It was late evening but still daylight (like 6pm). Anyway, we'd made several stops and she was going to pick up her spouse from a friends house. She decided to take a short cut on this dirt road. What happened? We got stuck. We could see the apartments, so she called her husbands friends home and he and his friend came to help out thinking they could use his car to push on the rear bumper to get us out. We ended up really stuck in the sand and so did they. She called her brother who came with a truck and he got stuck. So now it's late and 3 vehicles later we all need help. Finally a tow truck was called to get all three vehicles out. It was almost midnight when I got home and my ex was not a happy camper. (Understand, when my ex was upset with me he pouted...yep, full lip poked out). The more I explained to him what happen the more ridiculous it sounded. He just looked me as if to say "that's the best you can come up with". After a while I just threw my hands up and walked away, knowing I would be getting the silent treatment for a few days. All in all it was all true, but I probably would have felt the same way. Has anyone else had an experience of something similar?
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