One sign that u know sign very well is when u amaze an ASL professor

@nonew3 (1941)
United States
August 14, 2008 3:13pm CST
One sign that you know sign language very well is when you blow away an ASL professor with stunned amazement! I have a hearing disability (very possibly auditory processing disorder but have not been able to get tested for it due to insurance problems but have problems with background noise and certain types of conversations nonetheless) and am learning ASL. I spend many hours every day studying and practicing it with books, videos online and offline, making videos, making VRS calls through videophone with Voice Carry-Over, and etc. Well, the ASL professor of the local community college also works with the local deaf and hard of hearing office, and he exchanges broken tty's, installs tty's, and stuff like that. He was absolutely blown away by my signing abilities in spite of the fact that I have not had any formal training in ASL since the fourth grade. He kept asking me who taught me sign language. I showed him all the technology I have all over my apartment and all of the various books and computer programs I have in ASL and ASL-related stuff. And, since I am also learning Braille, he said that I very possibly could end up working with the deaf-blind. I told him that this might be where God is putting me. Anyway, it looks like we could end up chatting off and on via videophone and whatnot, and that things are looking up. Soon I should be put in touch with a local Deaf women's Bible study, and other things as well. He said that I definitely sign well enough to be able to join in. I wonder, if I can someday attend Gallaudet University, if he could vouch for my level of ASL ability since he is an ASL instructor? Learning ASL and Braille, both at the same time, is very difficult, but it is very well worth it. And, it is already starting to pay off.
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