What do people think of the new Fuel?

United States
August 14, 2008 6:44pm CST
It was a "Bad Day" in my world when I found out that Brett was leaving Fuel. They were one of biggest musical influences from that time and I was "Lucky" enough to be able to see them live before they parted ways. The whole issue with Kevin at the same time was also very disheartening. There was a "Shimmer" of hope when I heard they were looking for a new lead singer. I actually thought about sending an audition myself. But it was all "Bittersweet." With the long delay in finding a singer and the release of their album getting pushed back they just disappeared and haven't really resurfaced in the mainstream again. I bought their new album when it came out and was impressed (as always) with most of the tunes. Carl Bell is an amazing guitarist and lyricist and he's always come through in a crunch. The singer they found has a great voice and draws some comparisons to Brett. I enjoyed the new album but unfortunately the Fuel we know will be "Gone" forever.
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