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@ik4man (628)
August 15, 2008 5:29am CST
I just come back from SFI affiliate centre, some new features were added lately.It is another good site to surf beside myLot. I wish i can share my good experience/time with SFI to those who're interested on this affiliate program. You'll learn nicely on how to make extra income online or offline. This program provide you with free internet course for the members. I tell you...beside getting commission we got everything there to know about internet marketing.
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@bigtom1 (1573)
15 Aug 08
Why do you have to pay for SFI just to get some recources that you do not even have ot pay for to learn? It says you will be making money with them using their systm not getting commissions or being given some resources on how to do so! Mate, when you start making real money with help from this post again otherwise i'm not interested.
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@bigtom1 (1573)
15 Aug 08
I'm entitled to my opinion aren't i? thats what mylot is primariry for and do not think that i do not know anything about SFI! Are you afraid of others seeing what i know about SFI? Dude, i know what i'm talking about, the site is free to join but let me quote what the uplines will tell you! " To make money you will need people under you to buy products or upgrade to Executive Affiliate position" And to upgrade you will have to pay $30+ So there you go, i know what i'm talking about and everyone interested is going to see what i know. Thats why mylot is there.
• Philippines
22 Aug 08
And bigtom here is entitled to post opinion that is RELEVANT and LEGITIMATE. Anyways I am interested to, but I am really confused with the site's layout. Can you please help me out? If you really earn some money you can lend me some too. Heehee.