What would you do If YOU caught you partner CHEATING?

August 15, 2008 6:06am CST
I have this feeling that my partner is cheating on me.. I donno why? Do you believe in instinc?
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@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
15 Aug 08
I do believe in instinc yes! He maybe acting differently towards you thats why you are feeling that way, you should ask your partner whats going on because maybe your instinc is wrong. He maybe just have so much in his head about his job or something else that he doesn't wanna share it because he doesn't want you to worry. And if I caught my husband cheating on me! I dont know what am I gonna do maybe cried while packing my stuff, sorry if I sounds too confidents and I know that there is no guaranteed in life, but I know that my husband won't cheat on me!
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
that's alright.. yeah i should talk to him about what i feel.. the only reason why im feeling that way is because his job is a seaferrer a seaman..working in a TANKER OR a luxury line cruise.. His away from me and his daughter for a period of 9-10months depending on the contract.. can you imagine what im going through.. and his vacation is just 1-2months..he is travelling around the world, while im at home taking care of our child doing online job..how sad...
• Philippines
5 Sep 08
Yes i do believe! and as they say trust your instinct! ive been in a situation when i had the feeling he's cheating with me and it turn out that its not merely a feeling but its really happening!! Can you see how mad i was when ive found out about it.. But when u really love the person u will give him a 2nd chance and forgive him whatever it may be..(being a stupid girl?? no! being a girl who learned to love).. Learn to forgive and hold on, but when u feel its too much u had to learn to forget and let go..
@alecz23 (486)
• Philippines
24 Aug 08
nope I believe in extinct hehehe, I be so grrrrr if I caught them in the act and I'm just saying this not to be rude or its just human instinct to be mad? but of course I would ask him why? and believe me weakness is not an answer...trust loyalty and love will ruin that mistake but I believe in second chances but the hell with third chances.... hope that answers somehow...and thanks for your question I'm really relieve ahehe...