Should I feel sad over this fact or not?

@kaysue4 (951)
United States
August 15, 2008 6:36am CST
Ok, my hubby only has one son and a daughter that he has really never seen since his divorce from his second wife, he didn't want the tension for his daughter. So, his son had a little girl and they can't have anymore children, so this will be his only grandchild. I am feeling sad for my hubby because there will be no male on his side to carry on the family name, I feel sad for him. Now in my family a lot of the males on my grandfather's and grandmother's side of the family, most of the males have died at a young age. My cousin is the only male left as a direct relative in this part of our family, and he also had a little girl and they are not having any more children, because she already had other children when they got married. I just feel sad that the last name will not be carried on, we will end our time in history. Should I feel sad, or am I feeling silly over this? My one son would like to change his name when he gets older so the name will be carried on, but I was wondering if this is really sad for his dad's side of the family for him to do this also? What are your thoughts and feelings on this issue? thanks much.
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• Singapore
15 Aug 08
I think I know how you feel about it. My dad has two girls, my sis and I. In a way, there is no one to continue the family name on my dad's side. Although I do have male cousin, but I still do feel rather sad for my dad. I think I'm going to cry
@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
15 Aug 08
As the saying goes, "What's in a name" I do not think you should feel bad. Does your husband have a big business that he wants the name to continue? If not, I do not think this is such a big deal. Since, you say your husband really never seen his children since his second divorce, It should not be anything to stress over. Please do not feel bad over this, things happen.
@acevivx (1566)
• Philippines
15 Aug 08
Feeling sad about it is normal because if i were in your place i would feel sad about it too. It's normal to be sad because one reason why we have children is to propagate the race and the family and we would like to have succeeding generations propagate the family name. Otherwise it can die out and even if there are still members of the family who are around but they don't carry the family name, then the name will die out and it would seem that the family never existed. That would indeed be very sad. I know of some families where one of the grandchildren took the family name of the mother just so to keep the name alive but this was done with the father's consent. But this should be done only if there are enough male children to carry on their father's name. In your case, it would also be sad if your son would change his name to that of your husband because his father is another man but still if his father would consent then there would be nothing wrong but it would be better if it were your hubby's grandson through his daughter, if any in the direct line who would choose to carry on the name since he would have the bloodline.