Clock Tower: The First Fear

August 15, 2008 8:31am CST
I am a fan of the Clock Tower series, as this game proves to be quite fun, a challenge and also very frightening. Throught the first game, you can never guess when or where the Scissorman, aka, Bobby Barrows, will pop out. I always scream whenever I watch someone play this game... I'm too scared to play it myself! Clock Tower: The First Fear This game starts with your character, Jennifer, and her three friends Lotte, Laura and Ann, who have all been adopted by Mary Barrows, who takes them to her home. You start off in the lounge, where Mary walks off to find Mr. Barrows, but she never returns. You get suspicious, and decide to find her. When you are out of the lounge, however, you hear scream, and run to the aid of your friends. They have disappeared, and the lights are off. Now you have to find each of your friends. The main aim of the game is to not die by the hands of Mary, or her sons, Bobby Barrows and Dan. Bobby wields a pair of scissors and is deformed, whilst Dan is a giant purple baby which is thankfully slow. In the game, you will find most of your friends (or all) dead. In the end, it depends on how you have played and what your actions are to how you end it. You can live or die, and save one firend if you are lucky. You can find Laura dead in the shower, and Scissorman (Bobby Barrows) will appear from the bath and try to kill you, or, if you do not go to the bathroom and find her dead, you can always go to the wine room and check the armour, where you will find her dead body. Laura's death differs to how you play the game, and she can be saved, but she can also die by the hand of Mary, who will throw her off the clock tower and into the cogs. Ann's death can differ just like Laura's. You can find her in the pool outside, where she is thrashing about manically. After she dies in the pool, Scissorman will suddenly pop out of the pool brandishing his allmighty weapon. Her second optional death is where you will walk into the lounge, and the stained glass ceiling above you will break, and Ann will appear with Scissorman (Bobby Barrows) standing on her body with a pair of scissors impaled into her. Ann has a third death optional, where she is thrown out of the window. You will hear a scream, and you look out the window to watch your friend fall to her death. If you do not watch Ann die at all, then the chances are that if you go to the clock tower, she will run towards you, and Mary will attack and throw her off the side to her death. Ann can be saved, depending on your actions. Lotte's death can never be prevented. She can never be saved, so don't try to save her. The first optional death is to be saved by her when your locked up with a hungry, carnivorous Mr. Barrows. She tells you to escape before Mary comes, and runs outside. You hear a gunshot, and Lotte is dead. Mary comes to get you, but you whack her head with a stick, or die. Lotte's second death, if you never get locked up with Mary's unfortunate husband, is in the cave, where you find her laying on the ground, abrely alive, with candles surrounding her. She tells you about the switches in the clock tower, obviously knowing something, and then dies as you tell her not to leave you. To kill Bobby, there is only one way. You need to activate the clock tower whilst he is following you. Bobby hates the bells, and this causes him to go over the edge and die. This is his only way of dieing. To kill the big purple baby Dan, you need to run away from him. He is slow, so it is quite easy. Just don't fall over. Dan will wade through a river, and you will kick some explosives into the river when you have ran up the ramp to safety. He will then burst into flames and die. You run off, but in the playstation version, there is a small cut scene where it shows Dan's ashes, and then a small ashen figure arises from them. This is explained in the second game, Mary can die by your character, Jennifer, pushing her into the generator that works the bells of the clock tower. She is electrocuted and dies. Haha! Also, you can kill her by fighting her off on the ladder when she tried to pull you down. She will fall to her death, and you shall survive. Also, if you have helped the crow to escape in the game, he will attack Mary when she attacks you, and she will plummet off the balcony thing and die. Laura will be laying near to you, and she gets up and survives. This is the 'impossible' or 'canon' ending. Jennifer can die differenlty each time, ro survive, depending on the actiosn you use during the game. The easiest way to survive is by using the cowardly route and driving the car out of the mansion. Your character may stall for a while by saying that she should find her friends and save them, but if you want to live, you just drive away. Living is not an option, though. Bobby can either pop out of the backseat and murder you, or, in a cut scene, it shows that you are dead in your room a few days later. You either commited suicide or was killed by one of the Barrows. You can live, though, if your lucky. So, my review of this game is that its is horrifically wonderful. I love to watch my friend play it, and usually I end up screaming and running off, but I still watch it in the end. This game somehow sets itself apart from others, and even though I am not a horror fan, I still think that it is a great game. I do recommend it to gamers.
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10 Apr 10
You might also try echo night for ps1, it's the same as the clock tower but in echo night, you have no weapon the only way to kill the enemy is that you have to switch the lights. I recommend this also to the gamers.