what is the better way for you to relax?

@clarizz (354)
August 15, 2008 2:46pm CST
there are so many ways to relax your self but for me sometimes i go to the spa to a day of relaxing or sometimes i'll go to the beach and get some good time to ralax... its realy fun and i can have a good relax and be with my family at the same time. for you, what is the best/better way for you to relax?
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@thaMARKER (2505)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
that i want to know by now because it's been a h*ll of a week for me and i need something to do to make me relax and be ready for next week. i'm in a new city right just to let you know and it's been hard for me to cope and roam around in a place i haven't been before. plus i have to attain to my job everyday..
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@clarizz (354)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
hello. realy... you realy need to relax. it is realy hard to adjust when your in a new place someties. get some good cocktail to drink or take a good body spa. it would also help you to your work and also to avoid looking stressed. happy posting.
@dodo19 (42141)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
15 Sep 08
There are a few ways that I like relaxing. If it's a sunny and fairly warm day, I might take a book and just go read outside or lie down. Just lying down on the beach and reading also helps me relax. I occasionally do a bit of breathing to help me relax. What I'll do is I'll lie on the floor and focus on my breathing. I'll do it for however long I need. Here's just a few things that help me.
@clarizz (354)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
hello there... holw often do you do this? do you have lung problem or is this just the way to relax your body? happy posting my friend
@mrdos910 (456)
• United States
10 Dec 08
I guess when I am really stressed and get one of my wife's bubblebath gel and soak in the tub, almost to the point of being sleepy.
• India
13 Sep 08
The better way to relax for me is to listen to music. It works for me very well. whenever I want to relax I stick to soft tunes. I set aside sometime for some peace and quiet to relax well. Some other times sharing humour with family members is also a great way of relaxation for me.