i need help locating someone

United States
August 15, 2008 3:22pm CST
I have been unable to locate my kids mother in a year and a half. Is there anyone that knows a free site to track someone or something i can do to find her. I have a feeling she may be dead, as horrible as it sounds, that would be wonderful. She is a prositute and is strung out on heroin and crack and the children dont need to know her. Maybe if you know where I can check death records for free. free because I am totally broke and can bearly afford a telephone and internet to stay connected to my family who all live 1000+ miles away. She hasn't seen either one of them since my 7 years old's 3rd b-day and she didnt show up for my 1 yr old's b day party. I just need to find her to take her to court for child support. No im not a money grubber I cant get assistance without having child support ordered. I can't get it ordered with serving her first with court papers. I cant get the court papers served without an address for her. we are broke and hungry. can someone help. please... cyndi if someone has any capabilities to look people up through any kind of program i can email this person's info to you. it would be greatly appreciated. really.
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