I dont want to cry over him any more

August 15, 2008 3:38pm CST
me and my ex live together we dated a few months didn't think it was going to work out so he dumped me. but we still live together and as the months went by I had noticed that we got to know each other more and more and that I was falling in love with him more and more every day instead of working on just being friends. we gout out to the same club and i see him flirting with other girls and it breaks my heart, he says he still loves me and that if destiny wants us to be together then it will happen, he tells me he can picture me his wife, but then turns around and talks to his other ex and i have watched that when she calls he gets all super happy and then tells her "i love you" at the end we talked about this when we were together but i feel he is trying to see how far can he mess with my heart before i explode. I have tried the friend thing with him it just doens't work I want ot be his girlfriend and he knows this i tell him all the time that i want to marry him i wanna be the one he wakes up to every morning. but I just needed to vent this all out thank you for reading this if any one is please feel free to leave a comment i would like it alot
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22 Aug 08
OMG!! The abuse men put woman through and I guess woman put men through too is unreal!!! I think because you are too available, that is the reason he's putting you through what he believes he can put you through. In my opinion I would have to suggest is toughen up and let him know that look I'm not playing this game with you, I'm letting you know that i care deeply for you, but if you want to "see how things go" then watch me go my own way! Start seeing someone else and i strongly believe you have to distance yourself from this person. "Out of sight out of mind" theory. This is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to endure so I wish you the best, I really do!!
@rbailey83 (1400)
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19 Aug 08
lol ok sorry i read the other post before this one, in this situation you need to get out, or get him out so you aren't living together. I am sorry, but there is no way he can still love you yet be going after other girls and telling his ex that he loves her, that's BS and you don't deserve that, if he loved you, you guys would be together. Sorry but that SH*T really pisses me off, don't let him F**k with you like that, you can have someone who treats you so much better than that and you deserve it, don't put yourself through it, there is a lot of pain and hurt down that road. if you need someone to talk about it further with i'd be more than happy to try and help, just post here or send me a message, that crap isn't right