How do you feel about abortions? Are you for or against them and why?

@Zelda414 (149)
United States
August 15, 2008 3:55pm CST
I feel that there is no reason to end an innocent life that is a blessing from God. I understand the different situations that happen; however, because you can leave the baby at any hospital, firestation, policestation, with any ambulance etc that if God blesses you with a baby and your really dont want the baby them hand it over to one of the several places available and there will be no questions asked. If you leave your baby at one of these places they will ensure your baby receives the best care and goes to a healthy good valued home. I understand about rapes etc because I have been there myself. The reason I am against abortions is because many woman can not have children for whatever reason only God knows but they can not and yet they want children and if you are so blessed to get pregnant then I feel you should hand them over and let someone else be blessed. How would you feel if your parent was pregnant with you and they had an abortion you wouldnt be here today, that innocent life would have been taken before it had a chance to live. I just feel that every life should be given the same equal you all including me were given and we should not just take it and punish the innocent life because of what happened to us or because we dont want it. I dont wish for this discussion to be an arguement but I am curious as to how people feel and why they feel that way. I am 32 yrs old, I have had 29 pregnancies, 27 miscarriages, one son age 11 yrs and I am 5 wks 3 days pregnant now. Ive been raped by my ex husband n people off the street since I was 7 yrs old and I was told at age 19yrs that I wouldnt be able to have kids. Share with me your opinions.
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• India
16 Aug 08
I seriously condemn abortions.I personally feel that no one in this world has the right to kill a baby in the mothers womb. It's the most sinful act one can ever do.After all babies are the most beautiful creations of god and no one can end their lives what ever may be circumstances.
• India
15 Aug 08
Hi Zelda Your post touched my heart. To be frank, I don't support an abortion. But I support if the concerned lady supports this because she was raped. This is because, rape is viewed differently in different societies. In some societies, the girl who is being raped is identified as a spoiled girl. So she tries to make sure that nobody knows about her plight and silently goes for an abortion. It's a matter of life of a girl and an unborn innocent baby. In such a case, I feel that the girl should define the course of action. As I couldn't saved her from being raped and also i wouldn't be able to provide her proper shelter, I don't think that I have any right to say not to go for an abortion. Of course, where society is much more open, I woudl support your views.
@Galena (9120)
15 Aug 08
I would never ever say that Abortion is good. in any situation it's sad that a life is ended before it begins. but. I would never ever want to live in a country where it is illegal. terrible terrible things happen when abortion is illegal, and I find this a greater sadness. a woman must always have choices with what happens to her body. even if a pregnancy is the result of carelessness, no one should be forced to go through with a pregnancy that they don't want. I think it's never something people choose to do lightly, or think of as just a procedure. everyone that does it knows they are ending their potential childs life, and has to live with that. so abortion isn't good. it's a sad event in a life. but I do feel we can't take the option away from women. because forcing someone to go through the changes and trauma to the body and mind of an unwanted pregnancy is worse.
• Finland
15 Aug 08
First, welcome to MyLot! I kinda accept them if you have a good reason (raping or something) but am against them if they're done without any good reason.