Next-Gen Consoles

@been09 (24)
United States
November 5, 2006 12:50am CST
Who's going to win the next-gen console battle between PS3, 360, and Wii? I bet on PS3.
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• India
11 Jan 07
i think Xbox 360 is gr8 it will beat ps3
• India
9 Nov 06
Ok we all know that the xbox 360 is here (for those living is under a rock, it's the "next gen" console from Microsoft), but before we go all ribbons and candy on it, lets all just wait n see what the PS3 has to offer. Look I'm not saying that the ps3 will rock n all (but i'm hoping it will), but before jumping to conclusions, let's just take a look around and see what's coming up behind these two giants. YEP!! it's the Nintendo Wii (pronounced "we")!!!!I mean, this in my opinion is "Next Gen", yeah u can have the cool graphics and stuff and whatever else with the ps3 and x360, but isn't next gen all about bettering gameplay??? well I think it is. For all you non-believers out there, it stole the show at this years E3. The Wii uses a motion-sensor enabled controller that looks like a TV remote and allows users to direct action on the screen by wielding it like a sword or swinging it like a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club. Are we on to next gen or what??
• Hyderabad, India
5 Nov 06
prince of persia - prince of persia
more advanace than X-box360