are you a psychic?have u ever had a hunch that was true or accurate?

@mhayfie (242)
August 16, 2008 12:32am CST
we all have some innate power ability, but most people never develop it or use it. when you experience as if you had felt it before this was called deja vu which is a valid psychic experience... you had the same or similar experience in a previous lifetime. all lifetime experiences are in your mind and available to you. i believe i am a psychic and you also.... i always want to be in college before but that impossible... but i keep focusing my mind even though unders says it is really possible oh common i have the power to set my goals... i talk to lot of people that having capacity of sending me to college atleast one of them accepts it...and the person is the person i think who can sends me to school... and to find out it was then my psychic ability... do you also have experience of being a psychic?????
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@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
16 Aug 08
You know years ago something very funny happened where i was working..on our clock on cards only our middle initial was displayed so we all had a go at guessing what each others middle name was, there was this one lady that had an intial M..and she didn't want to have anyone know what her middle name was, she said she never told anyone so after much coaxing and still not even a hint, i said to her straight off whats the problem what is your name it must be horrible if you never tell people...then i said what is it McGerkal or something and I looked at her face and she then said how did you pick that, it really was her middle name...I was so shocked at at the look on her face...