ATM machines... are helpful or NOT???

@dhalev78 (104)
August 16, 2008 1:52am CST
Yesterday, my friend and I went to the bank to pay our credit card bills. It just so happen that my cash was not enough so i withdraw from atm machine. After the transactions, when i was going to get the money, I saw the atm machine taking back my money. I had nothing to do but stared. I immediately go to the costumer service to report what had happened, they told me that they will return my money after a week of investigations. It was so deppresing. Thanks for my friend because she lend me cash to pay for my bills. After what i have experienced, i started to think if ATM machines are really helpful? What if due date was about to come in 2 days? what will you do if this happens to you?
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• Philippines
16 Aug 08
A similar incident happened to my mom. She was going to withdraw some money form the ATM machine and the process went the same as usual then when the money dispenser opened no money popped out, yet the money was still deducted from her account. We immediately called the bank and they told us that they will conduct an investigation and inform us in 3 working days if she will get her money back or not. Its really sad how the bank treats you after you make an account with them, but then again it may only be a call center agent and not a bank agent that we got to talk to. Now to answer what you asked I think ATM machines are helpful indeed. Almost every corner of the street contains an ATM machine so you have an easy access to your money and it will lessen the probability of your hard earned money being stolen by some idiot who may have good reasons but still does a wrong thing.