When one of your discussions

August 16, 2008 4:25am CST
is deleted, how it affects you? Feel totally down or rise up aggressively to write more discussions? Though none of my discussions is deleted so far, i can understand how it feels when one such discussions is deleted where you have put in all your thoughts, ideas and time! Best remedy though not easy is to forget and start afresh! In fact i got wild when a couple of my discussions got deleted due to internet failure sometime back! It happened just before previewing and i could not do anything! Again when i wrote it was a different story and formation!
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@kwenge (2489)
• Kenya
16 Aug 08
Two of my discussions have been deleted so far but I dont feel down at all. I just learn from the mistakes I made while posting the discussion and I also feel for my friends and mylot members who had responded to the discussion. I feel like sending each of them a private message to say how sorry I feel because they lost some earnings. I get more energy to start several of them to replace the lost on.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
16 Aug 08
I have only ever had one discussions of mine deleted that I know of. And to this day I have no idea why? It was a long time ago and I really haven't thought about it since! The only thing I do have to say about it I guess is that I wish I had of received an email or something explaining to me WHY it was deleted and what I did wrong. I have not had one deleted since so whatever I DID do wrong I have thankfully not repeated it seems!
• China
16 Aug 08
Unfortunately,one of my discussion is deleted today...Until now,i dont know why is it..i just remember i have set a link~~~maybe it's the reason~~~however~~i will be care next time~~