How often do you visit Doctors?

August 16, 2008 7:37am CST
Now a days, the dieceses are increasing in day by day.. the medicines are upgraded on day to day basic, based on the dieceses and its power.. So, in the recent days, going to the doctor / nursing home is very common.. Even though if they feel like head ache, and fever, they advise us to met the doctor and get it culsultaions. because these small issues will cause you a big dieceses etc.. According to your point of view, visiting doctor often is how far acceptable.. Comments your point of view.. Have a good day..
2 responses
@SHAMRACK (8587)
• India
16 Aug 08
Dear friend, I rarely visit doctor but one of relative would do my check most often when he come to my home that might be a general check up. Other than no other way to go to doctor until I got any serious accidents or fever or diseases. I hope it been very long since I had gone to any doctor for myself. Luckily by God's blessings, it is very long since I had any serious disease or any that make one to see doctor.
• China
16 Aug 08
I think i am very luck , i seldom feel sick ,and so i seldom visit the doctor. I think maybe i have a very good body ,and i am very heallth.But my mother saed i am too thin ,so she afraid that i have something wrong ,so she take me to the hospital but the doctor said i am ok but need to eat something to make me to be more better.