Beijing olympics is a failure in the eyes of many? What do you think?

August 16, 2008 3:18pm CST
Well , there some people telling me that Beijing olympics is a failure. Premature designation of such a large event for immature chinese people who cannot handle themselves for decent human behavior and audience sportsmanship. What do you think? Lets discuss.
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• India
16 Aug 08
good question but im my opinion beijing olympics shows tht the sucsess of many 1000 people who were indulge in it and because china wants to show his power andhe succeed
• Malaysia
16 Aug 08
then, what you meant that this would be just a SHOW OFF's ceremony from china !
@Aronna (11)
• China
17 Aug 08
let those who criticize Beijing olympics to host one by themselves,though it is unrealistic, when they try to think over what and how they think about something good,they will see at last.
@snoopy88 (452)
• Australia
17 Aug 08
Well apart from a US olympic member got stabbed in china by a mentally ill dude, I think the olympic is going quite nicely and smooth. It's so annoying how there had been so many attacks during the torch pick-up from across the world, which gives the people the impression that china is a failure as a host for the olympics. Can't say they are doing a show offs ceremony. I mean which olympic host doesn't want to give their best shot in giving us a lasting impression. Every olympic host had their own themes and that's what I'm looking at. lolz Even though China may be going through some political dispute, I think they manage the olympic quite well. cheers'
16 Aug 08
I think the Olympics have been really good. They are a mammoth undertaking nowadays for any country to host. Things appear to have gone smoothly. The lack of wind at the sailing events can hardly be blamed on the organisers. Neither can the unscrupulous people conning people out of their money and not supplying tickets. It is especially good as Great Britain is doing well in the medals department. I only hope that we will be able to host it so well next time. I will be going to some events to watch then. Am saving up.