Your Dream Car

August 16, 2008 3:37pm CST
If you had a dream car what type would it ? Racing Or Luxury? What features would it have? Able to drive in water or even autopilot? What would it look like? Green Neon or Windows tints? What WOuld Your Dream Car Be Like
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@Skylinr (118)
• Singapore
19 Aug 08
I don't just have a dream car; i have dream cars. But what i aim to own in about 8 years time is the Nissan GT-R(mayb the next gen?). And just to dream a little: Nissan S15 Silvia Lamborghini Murcielago BMW 760Li I thinks that's all. Porsches and Ferrari don't attract me that much to want to buy one, the Lambo is enough. But that's just me dreaming...
20 Aug 08
Nice taste and keep your hopes up and you may own all of em cars are you could just sleep all day :D Like i said above i wanna buy a nisan skyline and do it my self as my own hobby :D Thanx for sharing
@teka44 (3423)
• Brazil
16 Aug 08
Hi Pritesh, welcome to mylot and enjoy your stay here. Well, my dream car would be a sport car, something like Ferrari or Lamboughini. Since I am a modest person I will be happy with Corvete or someone like this. AH AH AH! Cheers and welcome.
17 Aug 08
Yh i kinda want a sports car but id want to sought of build it up myself like a street racing car im a BIG fan of need for speed and fast and furious. :D i suppose i would want a car to be as my hobby always building it up to the best it can be i dont think i would enjoy it much if it was given to me on a plate ;)
• United States
15 Nov 09
A Lamborghini Reventon in deep charcoal grey........Need I say more?
@psphacker (1054)
• United States
16 Aug 08
my dream car would be the one with the most miles per gallon.