What about your sister/brother? What about your children?

United States
August 16, 2008 8:33pm CST
Hello all. Okay, just curious here. I have two teenage 3 teenage girls. They are so very different. They all have a differnet style, attitude, likes,d islikes, etc. I rarely find any similarities within them. trying to plan a family outing that they all like is very hard to do! There is no problem at all with them being differnet. It is instead very nice that way, but, they dont get along and criticize each other in every way. I dont understand it. I have always given them all so much love and attention. And I have treated them all very fair. I was wondering, are they ever going to bond, get along, and have that sister closeness? I have a sister too. She is 7 yrs younger than myself and we still get along great. I love the bond we have as sisters, it's unbreakable. I want my daughters to experience this unique close relationship also but I am concerned that if they keep up with their competing and bad relationships they wont get to experience that! What do you think?Does anyone have a similiar situation? Is there anything that I can do to help this,and last, how is your relationship with your sister/brother?were you ever at war like they are?
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• China
17 Aug 08
ye, I have a brother and two sister. and we are all have a good relationships everyday.because our ages is very different.of course, children has the same ages always easy to anger each other. it's very normal. Take it easy. Do what you should do. I believe as grown up, everything is alright. best wishes for you and your family!
• India
17 Aug 08
ya ....i had similar kind of situation .....i have 2 sisters....when we are in teenage we use to fight each other....i am being the bigger one ...so i use to enjoy some space in the family ...so i use to win ..but few situations they use to win....this issue is every house's issue so need not to worry...as these fights are just show one's power.....this situation will never lead to any bad.....these things make them know better...this is just a side effect of teenage...i tell u one thing ....these girls will be more connected and helpful to each-other during bad times....coz these girls are know each- others weak links....so need not worry...
@pam210 (345)
• United States
17 Aug 08
I have 2 daughters 18 and 22. They are total opposites and have a love/hate relationship. They have never been really close friends but they will do anything for each other. I have a similar relationship with my sister who is 5 yrs younger. We really aren't alike but we always help each other out. I also have two younger children 3 and 5 and she has 2 kids 7 and 5 so now we have something in common and spend more time together because of the kids. I never really fought with my younger sister where my kids fight all of the time and I really don't know where that came from. Hopefully as your children get older they will get along better and be grateful that they have each other.