How much has everyone made so far on MyLot?

United States
August 16, 2008 9:25pm CST
I am a new member and I am interested to know how much money can really be made using programs like MyLot and how much time you really have to spend on here. If you don't mind me asking such a personal question of course. Thanks!
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@julyteen (13254)
• Davao, Philippines
17 Aug 08
within 6 months here in mylot earned more than $130 already. mylot is the #1 site that give me payment more than 100 bucks. i spent 2-3 hours everyday posting but i open mylot for the whole day. what i mean, even i have another work my account is always open, it will only close if i log-off my computer. the more hours you spend here the more money you will earn.
@philjas (1134)
• United States
17 Aug 08
I don't have any referrals, I haven't been here a month yet and I've made $9.35. I guess that's pretty good. I'd love to get some active referrals but I promote so much other stuff, there just isn't time to promote everything. I would say that the average person with no referrals could make the $10 payout every month if they're reasonably active here. It helps if you can type fast, and if you're opinionated and like to get your two cents in on everything. :) I'm not argumentative in fact I hate debates and controversy and shy away from those types of discussions, but I've still done pretty well just posting about fun stuff.
• Malaysia
17 Aug 08
I have earned about $5.90 eversince I joined mylot, more than a year ago. This is because of my infrequent participation. Just last month alone, I have earned about $2.50 from making at least 10 responses per day. This month, I have yet to earn $1 because of my heavy work load that prevented me from participating in mylot. Usually, it takes me 3 hours to make 10 responses because I spend a lot of time reading. If you are hard working, you could earn a lot here but it is easier if you have referrals. My advice to you is not to concentrate too much in money making here. You should enjoy yourself here. That way, you will reach payout very quickly. People who concentrate on making money will tend to get frustrated here because they spend a lot of time there but their earnings are low. They will get even more frustrated if their earnings are deducted when their discussion violates mylot's guideline.
@34momma (13891)
• United States
17 Aug 08
this year so far i have made over $500. i love that i can make money here will talking to some really great and fun people. if you are planning on making money here i am going to tell you that you have to get some referrals. if you don't then making that kind of money is not going to be easy. welcome and good luck