Best Way To Remove Underarm Hair

@donna22 (1120)
August 17, 2008 8:01am CST
What is the bets way to remove underarm hair? I shave but I am always left with stubble. I want my underarms to be hair free and smoothe.
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• United States
19 Aug 08
Veet or Nair are probably the easiest and least painful. You could also get it waxed, but I have deep roots and that hurts! There's also some lotion you can buy that is supposed to make the hair grow slower and finer, so that you have to shave less often. I can't remember who makes it, but I remember seeing commercials for it years ago when it first came out. I'm sure it's still on the market. Some name brand, like Aveeno or Lubridurm, or something similar. After using Veet or Nair (well, not right after), just use the lotion to help soften it and slow the growth.
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
17 Aug 08
Hi! In my experience I don't like shaving my underarm. It makes my skin darker and the area where the hair grows becomes much wider because some areas that aren't suppose to be shaved can be affected to. I do the old style of removing hair, pulling the hair with tweezors. But there's a technique in doing it. You have to pull the hair to the direction where the hair is going. It prevents damaging the skin and is much easier to pull without causing the skin to bleed. You can also try putting on some under arm lotion. Using citrus fruit on your under arm before taking a bath can make the skin smooth too. But be sure don't do it after pricking the hair. The pores are still open and it will hurt. Or better yet to aviod all these fuzz, lasers can do the trick. There are available in dermclinics I think. Expensive yes, but no hair for life. Hope that helps. Ciao!
@magna86 (1787)
• India
21 Aug 08
it is always better to use some hair removal creams that suite your skin!! playing around blades will be risky!!!
@waynet (2650)
17 Aug 08
Get some of that hair removal cream, veet it's called!